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IMG_0098 Old piece of jewellery

Why come to us?

Cash paid for gold, silver and diamonds at our jewellery repair shop in Bury

What happens to your old gold?

Being traditional working jewellers since 1968 and with our own workshop on site we are able to recycle jewellery. Some pieces, with a little attention and professional clean and polish can be resold for someone else to enjoy. In other cases, the gold could be melted down and made into something completely different.


Identification will be required when selling jewellery. We are always happy to give a free estimate on the value of your gold.

• Sell your unwanted gold for cash

• Competitive prices paid

• Experienced goldsmiths on-site

• Great customer service

• Part exchange your old jewellery.

To get cash for your gold, or for jewellery

repair services, call us on:

0161 764 1470

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